have 7 ac.  West Jordan Utah with city preliminary zone change and Multi-family  300+ units.

need 5m plus CC to secure a 1st TD.  Value of the land for multi-family is 12m currently.

needs funding in 10 days


tobyrolfe@hotmail.com    or    tobyr@utahproperties.com

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please email me at tobyr@utahproperties.com

thank you

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please email me at tobyr@utahproperties.com

Hey Toby! I sent you a email yesterday morning regarding this loan request,

Nicholas Hubbard




hi nick

i  am not interested in a business loan or line of credit.   

don't know where you got that idea from but my request was for a land loan.

Hey Toby! You must be confusing me with the guy above (WKL David) who sent you a website link that says business capital. My company is Nathan Capital Group. We provide real estate financing.

Our company is www.nathancapgroup.com | We provide Bridge Loans, Construction Financing & Land Loans!


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