Hope all is well and you are enjoying the new year so far.


We have just funded our third loan in a row, with a land component.

This latest funding was a $1,775,000 loan made to Castine Pointe for the refinance of more than 200 acres of land located in Long Beach, Mississippi.  The borrower has recently listed the property for sale and is using Kennedy Funding as a short term bridge. 


No matter the location, Kennedy Funding is actively seeking new funding opportunities whether it be land loans, office buildings, retail, apartments, or anyone needing a quick turnaround.  Give me a call to discuss

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That's good. Land loans are tough to come by. Good for you Jeffrey!


I have been in the business for over 30 years in a facets of Real Estate, recently heavy into off market properties, One of my private off market sources called me and had a 1614 property tape, 300 in Indiana and Illinois dead areas, I asked them to remove those and it left 1314 properties, most lots, land a a few Fr in Florida, a good bit in South Carolina and KEntucky and three in Alabama where I am from. Long story short I went through the full spreadsheet of locations, pictures, ax assessments, and all BPO's! The Tax assessments are over $16M, Bpo's $15M, I offered $5M with them paying back taxes due and they agreed. I would like to sell of some and sell the land and lots with owner financing at retail and almost hard money rates. I should make $15M plus the financing. I need someone to let me do my job and work this deal hard for a loan and partial equity. If interested send me a note to rphinkle@gmail.com. Thanks Randy Hinkle


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