Do you have any projects?

Here are the specifics for funding.  Please keep this email to reference to when sending me projects. 

 Investment Types: New Commercial Construction/Development (i.e. hotels, casinos, mixed use commercial facilities, senior/low income housing projects, apartment/condo construction, large office buildings, luxury high-rises, oil & gas ventures, clean energy ventures, waste management companies, theme parks.

 These have to be individual ventures.  They are not looking to invest capital into another "fund". They are looking for project owners who are invested in a project, and need a JV partner to see it to fruition and profitable.  They will sell most of the equity back to the owner after 5-8 years or so, but wants to hold onto at least 10% indefinitely.

 Lending Threshold: $10-50 million USD larger projects will be considered on a case by case basis.

Type of Lending: Lending is equity based w/ a buy and hold strategy.

 Equity Position: seeking between 25%-45% equity in a project or company

Lending Term: Flexible, but generally 5-8 years

ROI: Project Specific

Timeline for Project Summary to Me: ASAP 


(1) How much time/money has the project owner & other shareholders already invested into the project/company presented? There MUST be some investment in place already.  They want to be certain a project owner is committed to their project and see it through to successful and a profitable venture.

2) Is there a STRONG & EXPERIENCED project management team in place to run day to day operations and see construction to success and the venture profitable.

 (3) Dedication to overall Success/Ambition level

(4) Loyalty to everyone involved in the transaction and involved in the project. Trustworthiness. They must be able to trust you (project owner) as a business person & JV partner.   

 IMPORTANT: In the very initial stages of getting to work with us, our funding department is looking for a very simple 5-7 page summary on the business/project, players involved and a summary on how the funding will be used. 

 If we like the project after viewing that brief summary, a phone conference will be set to discuss the project further, introduce everyone, hash out any questions/concerns etc.
 If the project move past the telephone conference, a face to face meeting will take place between the project company and our funding team in a common meeting place near the project site.

Arden Gist

Gist Group LLC


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Any interest in a residential development in La Quinta Ca? 219 lot development, fully entitled and ready to break ground. If so please shoot me an email at or give me a call.  Owner is looking to sell or do some type of creative JV. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. 

Django Evans 



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