Looking For JV Partner to Fund 100% of Wholesale Deals

Can now get property under contract in Chicago for

$25.00 Using An "Option To Purchase Contract".

My JV Partner need only pay for Post Card Marketing.

Now Have Huge Buyers List!

My JV Partner put's up 100% of the money and I do 100% of the work.

Split Net Profit 50/50.

Paid Direct from my Attorney to Yours.

I am experienced, did 29 deals in Buffalo, NY (24 of them Probates)

References Available Upon Request.

Executive Summary Available Upon Request


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I can help you with your loan with no Upfront Fees. You would have the privilege to deal with direct private lenders that provide short and/or long term loans that you want. These loan programs are used to finance your Project/Business/Properties and we close loan within 2 weeks max.

For more details and inquiry contact:

John Lewin


(978) 276-9538


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