JV partner to fund a huge Orlando Golf and Tennis Resort with 2500 entitlements!

Let me get 3 things out in the open quick. This project has the potential to pay investor back in 5 years or less with a total project profit potential of over $100M, 2nd - I have 30 years experience in all facets to make this project work to perfection. 3rd. - I am looking for a JV partner to fund 100% of this project acquisition, after acquisition I can handle future redevelopment funds and new construction cost from a future loan in my name. This project is 30 minutes from Disney World, Orlando, has golf, tennis, over 400 condos onsite, 1300 acres, lake frontage, 2500 housing entitlements, hotel entitlement, 150,000sf of retail entitlements and existing space for about 100,000 sf of income producing retail and amenities. 

$25-$30M funding needed! Equitable partnership available! Professional and honest partner you can count on! email me direct for details and personal information. rphinkle@gmail.com

All proj

ect details with redevelopment plan, executive summary, entitlements, city approvals, etc. will be provided.

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Are you the owner of this project?   If so, send me complete details to samcthomas45@gmail.com

Hi ,
I Represent a DIRECT FUNDED (Private JV Equity Firm) in NYC. I offer Virtually 100% Funding, in trade with 6% Refubdable Deposit from Client. Which is held in a U.S. Bona Fide Escrow Acct, that is held until final drawdown if the Funding process. In trade we take a JV Stake in the Project,for up to 36monts ,or until you buy us out. NO PAYMENTS,NO INTEREST,FOR THE ENTIRE TERM. We Are JV Equity Partners. We can close in 4-6 weeks with , only exec,plan,Experience, 6% DP refundable funding Deposit.
No Credit,6 month bank statements,Tax Returns, required ,accept to verify 3 day verification of the 6% funds. We Fund Min of $1M- NO LIMIT IN 4-6 weeks
Please contact me to discuss your funding needs ASAP.

Matt Picone;

East Coast Exec



That deal is gone, I do have a 1314 property REO package, mainly lots with 15% in homes and commercial, price on loi is $5M, BPO $15M, ARV with $1M rehab is $20M. I do not have the 6% right now but should any day. Just call me I have multiple deals you would make a ton off of and I have all the off market sources to get the deals to fall into my lap regularly! 

Send me a direct email, when you can talk!

Randy Hinkle




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