JV partner or equity investor needed for a new diesel refinery in North Dakata.

The property has been identified and has been optioned for a three year period. During this time, the due diligence work must be performed. This will take about $2 million for all the reports to comply with governmental agencies. The total cost of the refinery is $250 million with take out financing arranged. A 2 million investment will give the investor a 20% stake in the net profits of the operating company. The ROI will be over $2 million per year for the investor. For more information, please contact me at 707-225-6211. I can forward you some business plans, pro-forma operating budgets, et cetera.

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We have a private consortium that is looking for energy related projects to finance both debt and/or equity programs available. If interested please provide your business plans, pro-forma and any additional information that you have available for the project. send to info@setsercapital.com or feel free to call me at 419-520-9566.




I have an investor that may be interested. Send me your proposal today to:


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