Looking for a JV with an accredited investor.Big project ,good ROI.

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Specifics ... plus what do you bring to this deal?  Experience?  Money?

Experience and there is a lot of technologies to be put to work.
And an overall project that gives a ROI of almost 100% against the saneless of 24% you get today in house construction market.

Again, can you provide some specific details?

Where is this project?  City, state, country.

What type of project?  Construction?  Rehab?  Other

What type of property?  Multifamily?  Office?  retail?  Hospitality?  Other?

Numbers?  Overall costs, amount that you will contribute

Timeframe?  When you will start, do you have the property under contract?

Other details

I will send specifics through your email.

Mr. Farber,

Please ,provide us with an Executive Summary and we can have our Hedge Fund Division to review your project.

Thank You,

Vernon W. Jones


Any chance to have your email so I woulpd be able to send the info asked.my email us smartenergyhouses@gmail.com

Mr. Farber: Thank you for your prompt response. You can send your Executive Summary to: vernon.trivalleyinvestments@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Vernon W. Jones



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