We just got an accepted offer on a 9 property portfolio in Milwaukee, WI all 1 and 2 unit properties.  The purchase price is $700k and we are looking to put 20% down but it has to close in 30 days per the offer.  The tax assessment is $920k and it should appraise for right around that.  We are looking for a blanket loan or commercial to close all at once and can be short term or long term money the caveat being it needs to close by late August.  Thanks!

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I may have lenders interested.  What is the occupancy?  Is there any rehab work needing down?  diane@capfinancegroup.com or call 636-614-6306.

Diane Charles 

Are the units rented?

Yes 100% Occupancy and the seller actually did a lot of rehab.  We negotiated in 3 new roofs that needed it but otherwise the properties look great.  Our contract expires 8/29 so we have 28 days to purchase.

We have the perfect loan for this scenario. there is still time to get this done by months end. YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF YOU DOCS IN ORDER.  6.5-7.5 interest rate 30 year amortization. will require decent credit score above 640

What is your contact information?  Thanks,


 888-660-8867---- you can call tonight or email info r.odom@peabodychase.

r.odom@peabodychase.com Lets try to speak tonight if e can get all of docs in AM will will have a full submission by Mon afternoon

I am able to get you the loan with the best rates possible for your situation.

Email for more information


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