$10 Million to $200 Million USD per initiative.

As a Private Equity Investor, a significant part of our business centers around finding the right deals to invest in. We invest either debt or equity or a combination into joint venture businesses. We prefer to hold a minority position in partnership with strong operators that have a passion for running their business.

If it turns out we're not interested in a JV with your firm, we can still arrange your project funding through our instrument financing program.  


We are currently seeking investment opportunities in the following areas:

- U.S. Craft Brewing - Going concerns with cash flow and current balance sheet.

- U.S. Wineries - Going concerns with cash flow and current balance sheet.

- Commercial Real Estate Development. North America, Europe, Caribbean. Project oriented.

- Power and Energy related. Global projects. PPAs are favorable. Going concerns or Project oriented.  

- Medical facility or technology companies. Going concerns or Project oriented.

- Sports Facilities or related operating companies.  Going concerns or Project oriented.

- Technology, Networking, Software related companies. Going concerns with cash flow and current balance sheet.

- Consulting Firms - Going Concerns within the U.S. or Canada.


Our investment model and procedures are extremely simple. Please send only the following to: …  

1. Requestors must have current, available, working capital "skin-in-the-game." If you don’t, please don’t reply to this posting;  

2. A current executive summary. Please don’t send full business plans at this time;

3. Current financials, including actual cash flows, current balance sheet, as well as projections.  

Again send to: 


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Are u lending in Canada The best economy in Canada Edmonton ? We are looking for about 75.0m U$D for a 1275 Acre Olympic training complex, housing and commercial project development.

Put this on Free.  Great site!  I built it!


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