Equity Cap Fund Advisors is a real estate investment company that provides debt in the form of trust deeds and mortgages in first and second lien position to real estate professionals, Developers, land lords with large portfolios to high net worth entities and private individuals for opportunistic real estate opportunities such as acquisitions, cash out for business, commercial, construction and investment purposes only. Along with being a debt provider, Equity Cap Fund Advisors is also an Equity Partner for Developers and Real Estate Professionals whom are looking for an Equity Partner to Joint Venture with so they can diversify their real estate projects and not be tied to one transaction. 

Here are numbers from a deal that we provided Debt in the Form of a 1st Trust Deed and we are the Equity Partner as well. This was a broker submission. It is 90% Loan To Cost of the whole Project up to 70%ARV. Borrower brings in 10% of the Total Project.. Brokers are Welcomed & Protected! We offer this program almost Nationwide.

$865,000- After Repair Value/Final Sales Price

X 70%= $605,500- Loan Amount
$537,500 Purchase Price
$100,000 Rehab
   $3,000 Title/Escrow
  $34,000Points/Fee/Builder Control Fund Cost & submitting brokers fee
$674,500 - Total Cost to do the deal
$605,500 - 70%ARV Loan Amount
$69,000- Mr. Borrower is bring this in to escrow to close the transaction
$605,500 -  
$10,812.50 - 1.25% Sellers Concessions 
 $43,250 - 5% Realtor Commissions 
$69,000 - Mr. Borrower gets his investment back
$136,437.50 - Net Profits
Mr. Borrower gets $68,218.75- 98.866% Return on Investment
Investor/Equity Partners gets $61,225

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