Is there a "be cautious of ..." or "scam" group here?

I'm sure you all will agree that if you run down to your local bank, you may trust them a bit more than talking to a person online.  I'm not saying everyone online is not credible, but may require a bit more verification before you trust with account numbers, funds, etc.

I've been emailing Ken Woods.

He had 168 posts at the last count.  

He says he is from the UK, but his profile says he is from NY.  He won't clarify that for me.

He also says he has plenty of mone to loan out, yet does not have a web site or a company email.  Really do people who loan money use gmail and hotmail?

He says he loans money all over the world, yet can't give me a single reference from Facebook, LinkedIn and/or this site.

I'd be cautious with him!!

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I wanted to respond, not with sarcasm, but with candor.

What have you been emailing Ken Woods for?  Are you looking for financing? 

Someone else pointed this out before on LinkedIn and it got people's panties in a twist about the email address of gmail or hotmail of someone who is supposedly lending.  I don't think it's that large of a deal, but you do have to do your due diligence.  There are many legitimate people who loan money, and who broker money and even bankers who on a constant basis use a gmail or hotmail address rather than a company email.  For example, I have 3 emails, 2 company, and I keep a gmail that I also utilize for marketing purposes, but I'm a real broker.

With that said, not having a company website usually bothers me, or if the fact you can't find them if you look them up online. 

As far as those getting caught up, I think many people push, on these sites, including this one and LinkedIN and others, financing programs that are either not from real lenders, or they are truly unrealistic financing parameters, and so people get sucked into what they think can be done,  rather than focusing on what actually is because they are either too "weak" of a borrower, or it seems like the deal makes sense but numbers don't actually work, or they have the best development plan in the world but no money, etc.

Just my .02I don't usually rant and you can take this with a grain of salt.  We at Global Solutions don't claim to do everything and we can't do everything, but we do and can get a lot done when it comes to Commercial RE financing when there are realistic expectations from the borrower.

If you want any more feedback or there is something I can do for you, please contact.

Thanks for the heads up on Ken Woods.  Thought I would include 2 of my email addresses :)

Jared Rine

209 481 0514


I appreciate your words.

I actually have 70+ domains for marketing purposes, but I have an email address for most of them and they all pass through gmail.  And I do business with people with gmail accounts.

I guess I'm just saying 1 caution flag might be okay, but many more is jsut too much.

And I agree about expectations.  I must have a list of dozens of Lenders I talk promise a low rate and then the last minute say oh by the way there is a 15% "success fee".

I spoke with a lender today who said they wanted my business and right now, my budget allows a 6% rate.  For a hard money lender thats impossible, for a private lender getting 1% in their IRA, 6% is a great rate.  so I was very upfront, this is what I need to do the deal.  The resposne was lets set up an appointment to talk about it.  I know they want to build a relationship but I can't waste 30 min to find out they have no product at that rate.

Last week a Wells Fargo guy told me he could get me a rehab loan in the 6% range.  I told him I just need 25k for a light rehab ... well after tons of paperwork, emails etc.  He droped an oh by the way, there is a $5k fee ... well that changes my budget by 20%.

I'm tired and frustrated with people who spend hours of my time and 30 emails. And this Ken Woods guy also did that.  I told him in the first email, since you are a foreign investor, I need to verify your legitimacy and I need 5 items.  Well he wasted my time and them told me I wasn't serious.  Then I find out his profile says he's in NY.  I will 'waste' dozens of hours exposing frauds, scammers and bait and swtich taticts.

If you have a product or service, say what you do and do what you say, its that simple.

(sorry for more venting .. I feel better now)

Why is the gmail account a point?  I have a gmail account myself but I'm wondering how this makes them more legit.  Sorry to be a newbie on this.



Scammer Guy Bello Caribbean Investment Partners 
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Michael, you were not scammed, you were turned down. If people want to know the TRUE STORY they can read all about it at this website, It has the full story about why your loan was turned down and why. You have made threats, lies, and cry about being turned down since day one. I openly share information about me, but I notice you don't. Again, the full story of Caribbean Investment Partners and Michael Taylor's can be found at

That sound a scam and risky , my suggestion is too stop talking to him and look a nearest bank from your place to get some loan ,in that way you know that it is not scam .To be honest i really hate fraud and scam cause my friend is been victim of scam and i can't forgive that person who do it to him cause my friend do a lot of great job and being a real estate agent at and in one click of hand all his money his gone .


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