Investors who are interested in a 95 - 99% profit, investing out of state.

I'm a wholesaler, looking for other investors, end buyers. I am NOT looking for lenders or other financiers, so please do NOT reply, unless you are a buyer! This is for those who are interested in investing out of your state, in the greater Spokane, WA, area.

For the buyers--rehabbers, fix & flippers, buy & holds--I would wholesale you the properties--I have access to +3500, including 58 in the +$900K range, and about 600 in the up to $100K range--at 1% for anything at up to 100K, and cap at 5% for +$500K.

I would be doing all of the groundwork: going in and getting pictures [more than what's on the listings]; meeting with the agents, sellers, contractors, and other professionals; pulling up the records, like taxes, liens, appraisals, etc.; and the 1 - 5% would be what I'd get, for my time. This would allow you to reduce your work load, and exponentially expand your profits. You would let me know what you're looking at, and I would find it, and get it under contract.

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