We have Investors who are interested in investing  bond/funds as a silent business partners in companies. They would like to invest in private sector projects with an established company in any project(s) which are already in the market and have market value or new company requiring the injection of huge funds, provided there are lots of opportunities available, taking into proper consideration the Return on Investment (ROI) based on a ten (10) year strategic plan.Contact me via email at helendiamanteaboro59@gmail.com if you are interested.



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Hi Helen,

Please send me details. fishermike50@gmail

Thanks........Mike 443-838-9563

I am in need of $80k, of which I need $20k by 8/28/15.
For your investment, I would record a second lien on a property in Phoenix in the amount of $200k.
The house will sell in about 7 month and you will get paid.
If there is any way that this could be done, please call me at 928-278-7016.
Thank you very much, I thought maybe you could help?
Daniella Goldstein
Wilshire One, Inc


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