Get 10% Return on Investments Secured by Real Property.

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We are a reputable team in the financial trade business with a long

age record of achievement in the business.
We have our direct and genuine provider/investor that meets your
financial instrument lease/purchase(fresh cut) requirements
We and or our provider/investor do not require you make any payment
up front as long as all clauses of the agreement will be respected.

Our instruments are from top AA rated Banks-HSBC, Barclays, Credit
Suisse and Deutsche Bank etc. And can trade in various
capital projects-Aviation, Agriculture,communication, civil
engineering and construction, Oil and gas, import and export etc,
You do not require to go through chains of brokers as you are in
contact with provider's mandate
We welcome brokers. We assist brokers meet their  clients'
lease/purchase instruments needs

Our instruments' face value range from M5 to B100 eur/usd.
Delivery is swift. (Bank to Bank)
Top rated Banks.
Condition for lease/purchase contained in the Deed of Agreement(DOA)

Eric Moore

(Associate Partner)


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