NEEDED FUNDER FOR A BEAUTIFUL CLASS "A" MIXED USE PROJECT IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.-Prime city and area.  All attached parties highly experienced and respectable in their feild. Funding was comitted and fell out due to the bank filing for bankruptcy. Looking for approx. $400million for both phases. All necessary approvals granted just need funding to break ground. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT: (310) 288-0482 (U.S.A.) JESSICA RUSSELL . SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. Must sign NDA's and verify funding.  WILL NOT EMAIL INFO PRIOR TO DIRECT CONTACT. I would like to find an experienced investment group or investor source. I am experienced in working on projects of this callber and only comply with direct parties.

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I'm a strategic referral partner with NYC Commercial Funding Conduit which secures; national and international, recourse and non-recourse, commercial funding for highly qualified borrowers from 100k to no upper limit.

My role is to send out the correct loan worksheet. This needs to be completely and accurately filled out by the borrower. I submit this worksheet to the NYC analyst team for a preliminary funding proposal. If the borrower wishes to proceed to a closing we prepare the Final and Official Funding Offer as issued to us by our selected lender. 

NOTE: To this point there is no fee, retainer, due diligence or and other “UP FRONT” costs of any kind. Notice how the borrower pays nothing until after they get their Final and Official Funding Offer as issued to us by our selected lender. It is only at this point that we feel we have earned our $2,500 ($5,000 if international) fee for retaining that selected lender on the borrower’s behalf.


Kindest Regards;

James W. Peterson



I recieved your message today. It was too late to contact you East coast time.. Would like to obtain more information. Jessica Russell


Asset Financial Group has direct access to 2 private equity and 2 opportunity desks.

I am definitley interested in learning more about your project and the sponsors.

We currently don't have a cap on our investment funds. Our current projects range from $18MM to $1.6 Billion.

I left you a voice mail with my contact information or you can visit our website at:



Did get your message this evening but too late to contact you. I have really busy days till Friday but may be able to talk if you try to reach me. If not maybe we can speak on Friday Morning. Jessica Russell (310) 288-0482

Have you been turned down by so many banks? Do you  need FINANCE/INVESTMENTS to establish your business? Do you need  finance for the expansion of your business? Or do you  need a personal loan? Our loan ranges from personal to  business loan. Our interest rate is very affordable  and our loan process is very fast and easy as well. We  are very willing to make all your financial troubles a  thing of the past. If you are really ready to get your  financial problems solved,Then search no further and  apply for a loan Name:............. Contact  Address:........ Phone:.................  Country:................ Loan:......... Purpose Of  Loan........... Loan Duration:............  Sex:....................... Age.................Email Address:..............Best  Regards.....Herbert Wilson contact us;

Any deals in California we can handle them for you.

General Terms:


* 10 % to 12% Interest 
* Starting at 2.0 points to us if you have Mortgage Broker License; you add your points to that; NOT TO EXCEED 6% TOTAL. 
* 50% to 65% loan to value; no upfront fee;
* 1-2 Year Term; Interest Only;
* Doc. Prep Fee, $500.00: Wire Fee: $40.00
* Borrower pays all closing costs. 
* Will go out of State for $1,000,000.00 minimum. (West Coast).
* No Vacant land, No Consumer Loans.
* Out of South CA- $500,000.00 minimum. (I.e., the rest of the State).



Amir Halavi

Private Money Lender, 
11040 Santa Monica Blvd., #400

Los Angeles CA 90025
T- 310-477-0110  ext 110



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