Investment & Partnership opportunities in farmland in Paraguay - South America

Alternative investment /Retirement /Preserve Wealth
In Farmland - Ranchland in Paraguay - South America
Increase its capital - You invest directly
Investment & partnership opportunities in farmland-ranchland 
in Paraguay – South America
Farmland is an attractive long-term investment that offers current income, capital appreciation, an inflation hedge and favorable diversification that is negatively correlated with traditional asset clases
We believe that farmland is an excellent long-term investment
- Low Volatility
- High Absolute Returns
- High Risk Adjusted Returns/Sharpe Ratios
- Emerging Market Linkage
- Margin of Safety
- Current Income
- Capital Appreciation
- Inflation Hedge
- Favorable Diversification
- Global demographics increases demand for food
- Growing Asian middle class' demand for protein
- Declining global supply of arable land
- Agriculture/Farmland uncorrelated with stocks and bonds

Direct Investments in Farmland.
Investors Farmland Services - Farmland Management Services. You own the land. 
Assistance in locating, purchasing and managing an investment in farmland en Paraguay - South America.

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