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Winston Rowe & Associates No Upfront Fee Commercial Loans

Starting a career in commercial real estate investing seems very simple. Buy an investment property, charge rent and make a profit after you pay the mortgage and expenses.

You may think you have a profitable property because it‘s in a great location, generates excellent rental income, but when you examine it more carefully, you realize that what you have is a looser.

Like all types of investing, real estate is a very complex business which requires in depth knowledge of due diligence for finance, property inspection, real estate markets, and preparing loan proposals and how to negotiate with sellers and future tenants.

Winston Rowe & Associates developed this list of books that we consider a must read to start your career in real estate investing and running a successful business.

Winston Rowe & Associates is a national no upfront fee advisory and due diligence firm that specializes in assisting commercial real estate investors with the development of financing proposals.

They can be contacted at 248-246-2243 or visit them on line at

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This article details the best books to read about gathering and analyzing data needed to make informed commercial real estate investment decisions and running a successful business.


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