Do you have a project that needs funding but have run out of traditional options? Contact me today and let’s make your dream a reality.


No upfront fees, no obligation until you are satisfied. We are not paid until you are.


Project Financing


"Our Development of Innovative Lending Methods Can Offer an Attractive Alternative to Traditional Lending Channels"

Up to 100% Financing


We tailor project financing to suit your needs. Our Asset Collateral Valuations allow the trustees to offer up to 100% project financing.

Innovative Asset Collateral Valuations

Asset Valuations take into consideration both the forecast future of the project along with a current valuation of its assets. This contrasts with the traditional approach of rigid lenders and supports the Borrower through the critical early stages of project development.

Low Fixed Interest Rate

Loans are offered with a very competitive low interest rate, determined by the risk profile of each individual project. The interest rate will be fixed for the agreed term of the Loan.

Penalty-Free Early Repayment

Loans can be repaid in full prior to the Loan term without exit or early repayment charges.

Flexible Loan Repayment Options

Loans can be arranged with flexible Principal repayment options to meet the Borrowers cash flow requirements. The total Loan Principal is repaid at the end of the term or repayments can be made as per an agreed installment schedule.


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  David, would you please contact me directly at Are you a US based company? It's not important if your not. The project that I am associated with is a venture between US and UK companies. The project is here in the US so if you have a website or more detailed information about your funding options I sure would like to hear from you as soon as possible, thank you.

Chuck Catchings

CEO - Clear Stream Trading Co.,Inc.

if this funding available for Asian countries send me details to

please send your project funding package to:

David can you send me your requirements and terms. What are the interest rates and points that will be involved.


please email directly



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