Income Opportunity, no Experience needed,No License

Organization, Companies and Individuals can now increase their customer loyalty and generate ongoing revenue at the same time. Our white-label or co-branded insurance web sites that allows your client organizations to leverage and strengthen your relationship with customers and employees.  A website link on your site connects your customers or employees to a branded insurance portal that provides the most competitive and innovative insurance products. It's all backed by trained agents and all the work is done for you. Your organization can earn a substantial marketing fee for every policy created, and there is no expense. Simply let your customers or employees know that they now "offer insurance from their company website. We can provide promotional material and marketing support.  

Link and Brand a innovative, no cost insurance portal on your website. Gain revenue and customer loyalty with one click.

Your customers can purchase insurance through a link on your site. Talking to an agent is optional!

This is a white-label Insurance Site that selected by a panel of experts as one of the industry’s most innovative programs. (Selected as Best Insurance Innovation-2014)            

Protection is just a click away!

Minutes away from a online instanat Life Insurance Policy

  • We offer a fast and convenient process to purchase life insurance.
  • No exams, no tests, no waiting periods and no meeting with a life insurance salesman.
  • Instead of waiting weeks or months your policy will be issued in minutes if you qualify.

Discover “Living Benefits” – The Best Insurance Carriers. – The Most Competitive Rates – Life Insurance Stories – Videos

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