We are seeking real estate professionals to provide investors,buyers and land owners for our low cost Eco-Friendly building solution with renewable technology.  .

Eco-Friendly NZE 1200 sqf, Building Design Package $75,000.00

Price may change based on location

EV Ready Home Charging Station, Energy Monitoring System, 10kwh Energy storage back up Power LED Alternative Lighting, and a free compact Electric Vehicle.

The Eco-Friendly structure do not need separate framing, the technology can be used in wall, foundation, roof, and high-rise infill applications. The Eco-Friendly structure technology offers Developers, Contractors, Architects, and new homeowners multiple benefits unmatched by traditional framing methods.

The Eco-Friendly structure technology offers four critical building envelope functions in one cost-effective, high-performance assembly:

  • Engineering
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Vapor Barrier

The Eco-Friendly structure technology integrates two structural materials, EPS and LGS, both 100% recyclable and both having tremendous environmental benefits. The technology has been used globally in over 70,000 projects worldwide. The thermal performance characteristic has been substantiated in virtually every climatic environment.

  • Higher Effective R-Values
  • Uniform Thermal Efficiency
  • Reduce Energy Cost
  • Faster Construction time




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