In need of Hard Money funding for Multiple commercial deals

Have multiple deals I am looking for Hard Money funding for. We are a boutique investor who has an issue now of having to many deals and not enough funding for as of now. Willing to broker the deals to you. 

Respond back to me and I can give you summaries of our deals we have in the pipeline now.

 Thank you

Greg Truisi

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You might want to think about a LOC to be able to do multiple deals quickly.

Lines of credit and loans from $50,000 -$7,000,000 (allowing you to purchase several properties within a 12 month period)

Fund lesser of 80% of Acquisition and Rehab Costs or 65% of After Repair Value (ARV) on Residential Properties (1-4 units). We fund rehab draws
Fund lesser of 75% of Acquisition and Rehab Costs or 60% of ARV on Multifamily Properties (5-30 units)
No application fee for credit line approval
Monthly payments are interest only
No prepayment penalty (3 months minimum interest)
Currently lending in approximately 48 states (exclusions include CA and NV)
We only lend on Non-Owner Occupied Properties
Borrower must have prior investment property experience
Experience: Borrower must have previously purchased at least 2 investment properties.
Liquidity: Cash to fund their equity requirement.
Minimum FICO 620.
Minimum Net Worth: $150,000.
We will evaluate substantial credit issues, foreclosures/short sales.
Borrower is free of significant open judgments and pending litigation.
If you meet the basic criteria above, lets set up a time to talk.

Sent you a email!!

Hello Greg, If you have not found the funding you need ,,Let me know I may be able to also assist you in getting the Funds you are looking for. Please fel free to contact me at Neal 

Mr. Truisi

THE LPM TRUST will  introduce you and your project direct to several billion dollar hedge funds, specifically targeted for YOUR industry.

Go one on one with the CHECK personal credit red tape.

For details, go to:

Good Morning Greg,

Sent you an e-mail. 

Maurice Pleasant


614-305-5119 EXT.2

You may contact me -     we only deal with principles

Credit Funding Solutions Empowered by MJ & Associates LLC has simplified the application processes, streamlined qualification requirements, and knocked down unnecessary barriers.
Plus, we've created an exclusive network of funding partners that specialize in helping small businesses take advantage of opportunities quickly.

    We get your credit to 700+
    Credit enhancements with personal or business trade lines.
    Credit Ready Aged Shelf Corps.
    Several Funding Programs
    No Upfront Fees

We fund in all 50 states
We have big ambitions to help every small business in America, and we're just getting started.
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Credit Funding Solutions was founded on the idea that there is a funding option available for every business need. We've helped over 8,000 people and businesses reach their full potential.
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