If anyone gets a loan offer from this guy, run like hell!

William A. Miller

[+1] 827-225-9160

E-mail: lending.idealeasefc@gmail.com

 E-mail: william-amiller@excite.com


430 North Rand Road, North Barrington,

 IL 60010  USA

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What was your experience with this gentlemen William A Miller? 

We are in negotiations with him in a loan right now.

They will keep asking you for money. Personally I would back out of working with them They are a rip off!

Ok. thank you for the response. So I take it you never followed through with the loan? Have you received funds from any legitimate lenders on this site?

Thanks for the help 

I haven't gotten any loans from theses so called lenders. What kind of loan are you looking for?

Looking for a short term fix and flip loan. $60,000 on the purchase and $30,000 on the repairs. ARV at $140,000. We have a credibility package put together with a detailed breakdown.

Our local private money is occupied.

Mr. Sisto, did you ever get anything from William MIller


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