I want to partner up with someone who need a credit partner

Looking to expand my network I have a 780 perfect credit score. I would like to partner up with the right business minded entrepreneur. One thing I must say if it don't make dollars it definitely don't make Cents.  http://stlouisgroupbuild.com/

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We should talk sometime. What is a good contact number for you?

you can reach me at 314 323 2315

Hi Shawn,

I'm in the Atlanta Ga metro area. I'm presently a license real estate agent.
I can be reached at 770.687.9784 Tim

Shawn I looked at your site and would like to know how I can get some help with buying some property and building an apartment building on it.  I have some research that shows it can be profitable.  Please contact me at grego7159@yahoo.com.

Thank you


I like what you are saying.

How about we talk about a potential partnership.

John are you talking about my idea??  Not quite sure.  Also if you are I am in Portland Oregon.  Will this still work??



Please email me at johnc@rindgeproperties.com

So we can connect and talk about the options.

Be compensated for your great credit...I'm looking for credit partners to help me acquire business lines of credit. It won't show up as an account on your credit. Just an inquiry. I work with a company that handles the process. If interested please email me at mtrancynger@gmail.com.. Thanks.

Hi Shawn, I have a very good income producing project where I have control of a really nice office building and retail plaza in a active small business community. I need to obtain a line of credit from a local bank so I can obtain some office furniture. Take a look at www.coastalbusinesscenter.com . This will provide much info on myself, the project and the opportunity. 

 I operate a small business incubator, training & development center with meeting and conference space. I can offer you a fee for your assistance which meets your desires. I will provide complete transparency to everything pertaining to the project and you can be in for an initial round of funding and out in a few months with a profit or stay on board on an as needed basis.

Also see  www.TotallyFreeinc.org which is my wife's company. We are a clean healthy couple doing good things in our community with very good references. We just need a shot in the arm to get ahead of the curve. If you have a minute please call me directly at 404-907-6881 on cell or 912-265-1515 at the office

Gary Cross  


I'm interested in creating a business relationship. please send info to sam@scmdevelopmentgroup.com or provide number to reach you.


I am looking for a credit partner for a small business expansion loan.  Diane


Hi ...I was checking out your website...and it  is some what related to what we are trying to do, we need a strong credit partner(s) to be able to help us make this a success... we have a project in which we are working on...in which we will be able to bring together groups of  entrepenuers and business owners and help them to achieve their financialgoals...participates will be able to obtain the funding they need to start their business with no credit checks...please contact me by email so I can explain...jharper@hbrmediagroup.com


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