I want to make an offer on a 3/2 sfr in Everett, Wa. Need funding!

Just ran my credit. 721 on Experian. I can put 10% down on a purchase price of $422,000. Off market deal through a Realtor friend of mine. I live in the Midwest but will hold this as a longer term investment property. It is currently rented out at $2800 a month with a 24 months lease for the current renters.

I have done 2 loans on this site. One with a broker and one with a direct lender. Both went well but I am always going to post and try to find the best deal when I buy. Please let me know if you would like to make this happen!


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Our related funding source FEL USA reviews, on average 30 new transactions daily with financing requests, on any new funding request transaction, they simply need the attached form completed in order to send you one of the 14 different worksheets that they use to and then determine exactly what type of financing would be available for your related funding request.

None of their worksheets ask for the client/borrowing company's name or address and neither do they contain their name or contact information at this time.

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Yes, I would like to make it happen.  Email me so I can send you a questionnaire.  We are an organization of Vietnam Vets.  We are known as Loan Father.

Reggie Truss


Hello Louis,

 By finding a deal worth investing in with an excellent credit, you have already done the hard work and I know a lot of lenders might have contacted you with what they have to offer but I would like to prove to you why we are different from other lenders.I can assure you that Money is something that I enjoy earning, but the key is "earning" and not "taking" and this is why we do not charge any fees or money down before funding-All closing costs are deducted at closing from loan proceeds.For more details,terms,process and paperwork- Shoot me an email=

Jeffrey Rivers
Phone:(917) 7281227
Email: jeffrey@rightwayloans.biz


If you don’t use us now we are here for your future projects…



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