I need Funding LTV 75%, I HAVE 25% TO PUT DOWN CASH...HELP ME


I  require funding for the a Condo and or Apt building in brooklyn ny, approx six floor. No income verification willing to put 25% down cash, need 75% LTV with a minimum 1 or 1/2 point max. If you can assist with that call 718-332-3177 thanks and ask 

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what is the purchase price.. what is your credit score?

Send me a executive summary of your project with your phone number

to samcthomas45@gmail.com

Stated Loan Program

Rates as low as 6.74%
Funding from $75K to $5MM
LTVs up to 75%
No pay stubs or tax statements required
650+ mid FICO qualifies

No balloons- 30 year amortized term with a 3 or 8 year fixed period
Investor 1-4, Multi-family

Contact me at: ahenry@thebric.com

Give me a call perhaps we can be of services to each other.

write on bobloanlynx@yahoo.com with summary and detail. we can help

Hello, I can fund the loan amount which you seek with an affordable interest rate and also with a flexible repayment plan to help you avoid default with the repayment of the loan. If you are interested to know more about my loan program please let me know and get back to me via my email. Email: Rmf_martin@aol.com   

Contact Number: +15109721064  call me or text!!!
Thank you


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