I have been seeking a private lender for over 2 months now, and I just want an honest lender! Is there any more out there?  My lender who I have known for years passed away.

Urgently searching for private lender willing to believe in me and take a chance! All records and any documents needed can be notarized and sent from AAA or bank if requested. I AM A REAL PERSON, SEEKING A REAL LENDER. Please no crazy up front fees, Reasonable fees can be sent through Pay Pal, or my bank. Willing to except any amount to be added or subtracted from loan!

I am currently seeking a lender to provide funding for 2 possible ventures-
both without current collateral.  Before you discard please continue reading!
Both of my goals have a 1 yr., 3 yr., 5 yr., and 10 yr. plan and lay out.
Plan B just postpones Plan A for a little while! During this time property purchase(s) are planned and separate financing will be sought.
So I would love a Lender I can Grow with!
I am 34 years old, and my business clientèle is growing fast!
Loans are One or the other- not both! 
Depending on the lender- It would be......
PLAN A)---Business Expansion unsecured loan with possible partnership. Loan or Revolving line of Min. $50k,  Up to 6%, with up to 20 year term but no less than 18 year.
PLAN B) Personal loan-  Amount would be $20k, up to 8% interest, with up to 10 year term but no less than 7.
A title loan to multiple vehicles can be offered if requested. One of which is an Audi and the other is a H1 Humvee

In addition to monthly payments; $5-7k will be paid before April. and another payment around October around the same amount

A little background.....

18 years of solid work background with multiple degrees, certificates, and minors
13 years credit history
17 accounts
7 currently open under $6k
No collections, Not 1 red mark on report, DTI was under 8%
Score 726 in May 2014
Reason for seeking lender------
During the time at the hospitals with child a large portion of mail was stolen including my renewal drivers license from the DMV. 
I had to file reports with post office, local police, and credit bureaus. 
I found my credit had 16 Hard hits and accounts opened. I am in dispute with them and have had 11 removed thus far. The remaining are taking longer than expected. 
Due to this my score dropped to 596. My score for today - now at a Plus score of 702, 670, 662
Once others are removed my score will go above my 725. In addition- when current credit is paid from this loan my DTI will only be at 6% and plan on my score being around 750.
I have all documentation showing this is true including my old reports with scores
I have returned to work now for 2 weeks and all my clients returned with a huge increase in referrals!
Income is steady, but without a loan I wont be able to get back on track before further complications and damages arise.
FINDING A PRIVATE LENDER IS MY ONLY OPTION AT THIS TIME, But also the only one I would have chosen!
4 USBANK accounts and can do direct pay. 
A portion of loan will be for newer vehicle and pink can be used for collateral if requested.
I am working steady again, but receiving payment, earnings, and fixing my dispute take time, and that is something I don't have!  If I continue to push off my potential new clients I will loose them.  The time to expand is now!!!!
Thank you for your time and consideration, any and all documentation can be supplied.
Thank you for your time and consideration,

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Hi Bob, Messaging now!

Email or call 877-570-5594 Arden

Hi Brian- Just emailed you!  :)

sorry Daniel, but your company is widely found on scam sites. I think I will pass, but thank you



Providing businesses, both seasoned and startups, with access to commercial real estate financing, working capital and over 20 other types of business loans needed to cultivate growth and ensure success for years to come.



Hello McKenley, Just emailed you.

Hi Richelle

Happy Holidays.

If you still need funding please email me at ray100 at gmail dot com or call 216 337 7520.


Ray Antonelli

Add Mahrad Mahood, Jarvis Walter, Henry Clarks to scam list..........

Add Tom Vichi to scam list as well

Mahrad Mahood is NOT A SCAMMER......ONLY Jarvis Walker and Henry Clarks, which is not their real names I found out.

Hi Ray, I would like to discuss your requirements for funding. I will call tomorrow if that is OK with you? I believe you said you are Eastern?  Thanks for the reply and Happy Holidays to you as well. 

Richelle I wanted to inquire are you still seeking funding? The post was originally dated in November. If so go to my website, I have alternative funding options available, that may provide a meaningful solution.


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