Real Estate Transactions -- Only!


  • Minimum of $1M, Max of $50M
  • We will provide 100% funding of the A-B Transaction.
  • Funding in all 50 states (USA Only!)
  • Just $500 Application Fee.
  • You must have an End-Buyer (B-C Buyer) Ready To Close.
  • Client pays for a New Appraisal, and possibly a Site Visit.
  • The A-B Loan will need to be 70% or less of the appraised value.
  • Up to 120 Days Terms.
  • Your end-buyer can use a Takeout Loan or can be an All Cash Buyer.


Project Funding Cost Structure

2% Project Consulting Fee is folded into the loan and is paid at closing.

Investor Funding Fee is folded into the loan and is paid at closing:

  • 10.5% for 0-60 days
  • 12.5% for 61-75 days
  • 15% for 76-90 days
  • 23% for 91-120 days


James W. Peterson



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