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Hi there my friend

How do I contact you for a funding need for rehab?

Tn Nghiem


Yes.  I believe that you have the funding for a project that I am currently involved in.  I purchased a residential property from a seller (I am a broker), and I also (unwisely) invested all of my on hand capital in the rehabbing of it.  Now the seller is calling his note and the property has yet to make a final sale, though I do have a sale pending for the full  listing price.  I just need funding for 3 months (or perhaps less), until the pending sale can be closed.  As I mentioned, the original seller is calling his note and says that he is desperate, which, in turn, makes me desperate.  I would appreciate it if you would be able to help me with the funding to pay this man so that I can finish the sale.  I was trying to get him to wait until the final sale, but he maintains that he cannot wait, so, I am seeking IMMEDIATE funding.  There are some costs that he will be obligated to pay out of his note that I owe him, like his property taxes, his part to the contractor (I already paid my part out of my personal capital that I had on hand), and my commission for the sale of the property.  I rescued him from  foreclosure and paid a lot of the rehab expenses, and paid him some on the note, but, he is disabled and has no other source of income, so, he is calling his note.  Please let me know whether we will be able to close on this before the end of this week, or perhaps early next week.  This man has no patience, is hot tempered, and other traits that concern me, so, I want to get him paid as quickly as possible.  There is a title company nearby that can probably do all its duties.  If this sale that I have pending fails to materialize, I will secure long term financing and turn this property into residential rental.  It is now a really nice property and will command a high dollar rental, not to mention that there are not that many nice rentals in the area where it is located.  Please let me know what information you need from me so that you can help me--quickly!

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