I have five warehouse in TX, NE, OR and FL with great tenants and high yield income streams!

I have five deals that I need a 100% funder on these properties quick, they all have Cap Rates from 11.62% to well over 13% going in. They are discounted and ready to go to contract. I have all the experience needed to handle the deals from beginning to end. I just need cash and someone who wants to make money building a portfolio I can later sell to a Hedge Fund or hold long term for the income. It will be a generous split to the funding source, I am open to individuals, Hedge Funds, REIT's and Trust. I will prove my ability and show you my 30 years of experience without a loss. I am looking for a very ethical, honest, and easy to deal with person with like minded investment ideas. Please contact me at my direct email for specifics, NCND required signed before deal information will be sent. Acquisition cost range from $1.25M-over $4M. rphinkle@gmail.com

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Drexel has numerous programs and this would most likely fit into one of the commercial funding solutions.

Call me at 866-266-2557

100% Financing.............

Chad is that a question or are you interested? rphinkle@gmail.com


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