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I am starting up a Real Estate business and I am accepting donations via Fundly.com. I know that may seem unusual, but I decided that it would be creative alternative to a broke ex-college kid who has a thirst to become a Real Estate investor. I've tried the traditional route but they all require a initial fee. Something that I don't have. Plus there is a myriad of red tap involved. But with $800 dollars, that would be more than enough to do everything I need to initially get done. This is my only hurdle. I've read too many books let too many deals fall through, not to have learned anything. Realistically, I could implement my business setup with $500, but I just added $200 more to give myself just a tad bit of cushion. If anybody out there, believes in me the way I believe in myself, it would mean the world to me if you'd take the time to consider donating.  Official Fundly Page: fundly.com/help-me-and-i-will-help-you-entrepenuers-thinkers-only

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