How to get 100% financing (or more!) at last year’s prices

Our lenders will be raising their due diligence fees by 15% within the next few weeks.

If you need 100% debt financing (or more) for a worldwide business venture or commercial real estate transaction from $2 million to $2 Billion USD we must be engaged ASAP to lock in 2015 due diligence pricing ($40K-$45K for US projects, $45K – 75K USD for International projects). 

  • Worldwide Business Ventures, $2 Million USD to $2 Billion USD
  • 100% (or more!) financing available
  • 100% refund guarantee for due diligence fees
  • All costs (besides due diligence fees) can be added into the loan and paid at closing
  • Due diligence fees can be refunded at closing
  • Business Lines of Credit are available for American business owners with credit scores above 600 who have an adequate income-to-debt ratio
  • Co-Brokers protected

Email for forms and more information.


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