I have access to FL & NYC hotels & multifamiles, class A & b properties, call me at 603-233-0172.

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I have one of our major Buyers which is a well financed real estate group is interested in purchasing a real estate company with Titles to Apartments,,Industrial or Office buildings.They prefer companies in the Southeast,NY Metro areas and they are open to all parts of the USA. They are looking to spend $25Million or larger for these specific companies.

This is a direct Buyer contact with Cash in their banks for quick closings,if you can assist and have access to these types of real estate companies,let me know.

Don Carter




Hi Russell,

Do you know of any real estate development projects in the Florida market?



Russell,i have one of my direct Buyers that has just contacted me about their immediate need for off-market or private listing product,they are looking to buy value add Multifamily properties in major metro areas only that are 150 units + that are Class A or B,and they are also looking to buy Hotels in major metro areas,if you have any immediate properties for sale that fit and you are the direct seller or direct to the seller only,contact me.

No broker chains,you can reach me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com

Don C


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