Looking for a direct lender to provide construction and permanent financing for a flagged hotel in Hammond, Louisiana. Strong borrowers with experience. LTV of approximately 70%. Looking for $6.8M, $5.3M in construction.

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Steve, our company, Fox Property Solutions, Inc. is not a direct lender, we are brokers, but, we are direct to multiple investors. Our investors are very interested in Commercial Real Estate, hotels included. Please let me know if we may be able to help you. My email is kahall413@gmail.com


 I am with a direct lender 23 Ventures LLC email me @ sarah@privatemoneyusa.com I can send you our quick approval.



Hey Steve how much are you looking for in permanent financing, could you you send me the summary again


web: JCunderwriting.com

Hi Steve,

Hotel construction is our niche.  We work with private lenders that require experience, good financials, and 5-10% down payment.  Please contact me at diane@mosheassociates so we can discuss this project.



Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that,  we are direct to the lender.  I don't know the reason for his request but remind him there are still good brokers and their main objective is getting the clients project funded.  


We are a Direct correspondent lender for CMBS and SBA.

The only way hospitality construction deals are getting done is the SBA 504. Min 20% equity, 30% CDC, and we provide the first piece at 50%

Strong sponsors help the cause...

Let me know if you are still in need.

LA is one of our approved states.

Francisco, FN@LDLCI.COM


Are 504 loans actually getting done? I spent over a year trying to do a 504 loan and never got anywhere despite having owned over 75 hotels and borrowing over $1.5 billion.  Would like to know your secret.


Ragusa Capital Plc is into funding of Businesses,corporate bodies and individuals to meet all types of Cash Flow Needs. This could range from mortgages,business and personal loans, Commercial Loans , Hard Money Loans, upfront cost to close a loan, Construction Loans, Loan Guarantee Programs, Commercial Debt Management, Venture Capital, Bond loans, Project funding, and many more. Our loans are unsecured with No collateral required. Our service is opened to interested clients worldwide. ragusa_capitalplc@live.com

* Annual interest rate is 5%

* Repayment commences 12 Months after loan is disbursed

* No collateral facility required

* Poor credit not a disadvantage

* Loan Repayment spreads out over years.


Desmond Elliot,

email: ragusa_capitalplc@live.com

Loan has already been placed.

I am expecting a commitment letter this week on two hotel refinances.


I wouldn't take it personally, construction, especially for Hospitality is still a major risk, it sounds like the experience level is there on your end. Getting the CDC approval is the easy part! Now getting the first for the 50% so the construction is locked in, that's the fun part. No one wants to balance sheet that loan.

Send me an email and I'll do what I can to help you out...


Francisco Nacorda
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Hello There,

  I just wanted to share that I would love to see how we can collaborate together on the Funding that YOU are seeking ...  In addition I have Projects which are ALSO seeking Funding for the Following Please let me know what your interest may be ?

I am direct to a lender that will finance the following:  And I am also seeking Additional Funding sources for Global Projects  to include ....

Oil, Gas, Alternative Energy, Wind Turbine
In Ground Assets
Shopping Centers
Multifamily Apartments
Commercial Properties
Elder Care Facilities
Construction Loans
Purchase Order Financing
Hard Money Loans
Reconciling Balloons coming due
Heavy Equipment Financing
Sale/ leaseback deals
Medical Equipment Leasing
Hotel/Motel Funding
Precious Metal lines of credit to owners
Precious Gems dealers get working capital
Antique and Fine Art

Please email me pamela@cyprusassociates.com


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