Hello to you all! My Company very in need of funds to start developing!

Hello, my name is Ricky Hines I am a Real Estate Entrepreneur in developing jobs and homes for the average citizen of the United States. I am in need of some start out Capital to build my system to automatic to handled my leads, and get my team of professional in place. My Company name is Senih Entrepreneur Redevelopment Company, L L C, I am on the verge to redevelop a new way of living for our future Generation to come and our now Generation who in need of a job and a home. The funds that I need is $500,000 to start off with. Pay back terms are $125,000 starting in a 1 yr. and half then up to 5 years paid off,  total is $625,000. I can be reach at hinesreservice4u@gmail.com I am a honest and dependable man looking for a helping hand to start a wonderful journey to success and accomplish a lot for our people who are in need of food, clothing, jobs, homes, and etc. I need your help to help our people who unemployed, homeless, hungry!

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