Have you had difficulty find private residential or commercial lending??

We offer direct private and hard money lending for your residential and commercial real estate transactions. 

Typical Loan Options: 
Loan Terms: 1-30 years Interests 
Rates: Range from 3% to 12%. 
Loan Amounts: $100,000 up to $50,000,000+ 

Please feel free to contact us at 585-939-7550 to discuss our financing strategies.

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New Turn key retail building in Sweden include lease contract for 10 years!
Total loan request USD 5 M

Answere to:   ma_bergstrom@telia.com

Best regards,
Magnus Bergstrom

I am a Broker looking for a hard money Lender that does asset based lending with low credit scores,

I am located in the Chicago area, and would like to discuss a deal to see if it would fit into you lending parameters.

Contact me.

Ben Perkins


708-870-3030 (mobile)

Hi Benjamin,

Absolutely I can assist you in this request as we have many investors that will lend out to real estate professionals that have low credit scores and solely do asset base lending in general. I will give you a call today and discuss the many options that there are and see which is the best one that will fit your needs. 

I also apologize for getting back to you so late I have been swamped with closings, walk throughs and various conferences. If there is a better time than another to do a call with you today please let me know and I will make sure I call within those times. 

Best regards,

Gabriel Freeman

Hello Gabriel

I have a SFH in South Florida fix and flip ready to close the 23rd.
I'm looking for at least 80% LTV
Purchase $187,500
Down $5,000
Rehab $25,000
ARV $270,000

Contact me @ skylinedevelopmentgroup@yahoo.com

New Retail building with lease contract 10 years. Exit within 36months
Terms & info on ma_bergstrom@telia.com

I am in the process of acquiring a cemetery in North Carolina.

The funding required is $150,000

I have a document presentation package

Brian Mantis



Hi Brian, 

Let's do a call today if you are available and I can go over with you the many different funding options that we have available. Will you be interested in having a joint venture partner in on this project? 


When may I telephone you today?

What is your telephone  number?

A joint venture partner would be great.


Do you lend in DC MD VA?

Hi Carlton,

I hope you have been enjoying the holidays thus far it comes and goes all to fast!! Regarding being able to provide financing in the following DC, MD and Va yes we can definitely provided real estate funding in these areas, what do you have going on? 

Best regards,

Gabriel Freeman

O. 585-944-2869

Hi ,

Do you help for investment requirements in bangalore,india.
If yes, please let me know the procedure on kiranreddy.sagam@gmail.com


I'm looking for investors or lenders for the construction of a factory for the production of furniture in Ukraine.



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