Hard Money Needed for Commercial Fishing Boat- Direct Lender Please!


My clients are seeking $200,000 to finish the customization of a commercial fishing boat and operations.  The port of call is in Newport, Oregon and funds will be used to finish the complete retrofit, sea trials and passage of a commercial fishing boat.  This boat is a fiberglass, Vega hull, 45-ft which has been customized for fishing the waters of the northwest coast of South America, including the coasts of Ecuador, Columbia and Peru. The boat will be income producing within sixty to ninety days from receipt of funds.

They have put in all of their own money ($360K) to this point.  It will have a U.S. captain and they are offering up to 18% interest with a 2-year term, 60-day skip and first 4 months interest only.  The boat has been approved for 2 ports – Manta and San Mateo, Ecuador.  They can also offer a first position security agreement as collateral with willingness to set up lock box payment structure.

I have documentation with NDA/NCA.

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Hello Craig, good morning. 

Is your deal still available for funding? If yes this is what i can make happen for you...Below is my full contact details to reach me. 

Agent Floyzell 


I am seeking only direct lenders at this time.


Craig yes write the direct lender  below 


(702) 509-7028

Mr Cesar Ramirez 

Email me maybe  i can help your client out with the loan.  Rmf_martin@aol.com

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