Hard Money Loans Nationwide 100% Acquisition & Rehab Funding !!!

Although there are many different types of hard money lending programs, the following can be used as general guidelines for determining whether your deal would be appropriate for a hard money lender.  Even if your deal doesn't match exactly to these guidelines, feel free to apply anyway.  My hard money team will let you know if your deal makes sense for one of our many hard money lenders:

Here are some other typical uses for hard money:

■Land Acquisition & Development

■Building Acquisition & Rehab

■Investment Properties

■Emergency Cash-Out

■Quick Propety “Take-downs”

■Low Loan-To-Value Loans

■Non-bankable Transactions

■Short-term “Flip” Properties

■Foreclosure or Bankruptcy Bailouts

■Self-employed or Cash-strapped Borrowers

■Any Short-Term Financing Related to Real Estate

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Hi Horace

My name is Jim Ali. I represent a real estate investment and management group whose principal focus is on the Residential Lease Purchase (RLP) niche, frequently referred to as Rent-to-Own. We are located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Do you work with Canadian corporations? I have provided a brief synopsis of who we are and what we do. 

Our vision:

Within three years, we will be the leading and best real estate investment group concentrating on this market niche in Ontario. We believe reputation and results are critical to achieving our vision; our values can be summarized as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

In all our dealings and activities.

Business Model:

Our business model is founded on five pillars:

  • Buyer - the client who will occupy and purchase the property at end of lease term (generally 2 -5yrs.)
  • Investor - our joint venture participant(s) whose funds and/or name will make the property acquisition possible.
  • Team - the professionals (realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, property inspectors) upon whom we rely to find and close an acquisition.
  • Strategy - the repetitive proprietary processes that will create a win for all participants.
  • Returns - providing above average returns to our investors in the range of 8 – 16% annually depending on the investment choice you decide upon.


Our objective:

We will make certain that for each purchase/lease/sale transaction there is a balance between ensuring the client/buyer will fully meet his/her commitments, and maximizing financial returns for our stakeholders and ourselves.  To reach our goals, and those of our associates, we do our utmost to buy right and manage the client relationship throughout to make certain the property sells at the end of term.


I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at your convenience and discuss our program in greater detail. You can reach me at 289-442-3560 or via email at jima@grandriverrei.ca.


I look forward to hearing from you.



James Ali

Vice President of Business Development, Investor and Client Relations

Grand River REI Inc.




Hi Mr. Knight give me a call.  Malcolm 3347 681 3034

Hello Horace,
I am contacting you in regards to funding for real estate projects. I believe that your rates and terms may vary; however, for your “Hard Money Loans” I imagine they are generally 65% of ARV, 2 to 5 points, 12% to 15% and 6 to 12 months. These terms are acceptable and fair to us and we look forward to building a strong business relationship with you. As it stands, we need a total of $180,000 for this project.
Though we currently have the funds to purchase and rehab this project, we have to dedicate the funds to another rehab project already underway. We have an 820 credit score and several "cash flow" properties as well. This deal is the ideal scenario in regards to a flip and we can’t pass on it. I would like to send a Presentation Packet, CMA report, Deal Synopsis, and the Sales Contract to this email for your submission.
The property we have under contract is located at 829 Elmeer Drive, Metairie, LA. The purchase price is $136k and a safe ARV of $250k, and in an area of high demand where DOMs are about a month, in a city that sold about 475+ homes in the last 90 days… Below is a summary of the project.
ARV - $250,000 (very safe)
PP - $136,000
Repairs - $39,666
Profit - $54,035
ROI – 61% (6 months)
It as been a good while since we required some outside help on a project but we are confident you will find the funds based on the ARV for us in a timely manner. After all… a good business associate and friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns or instructions on the next step we need to take to move forward with this. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
Andre Dupre
Prominent Venture Homes, LLC
Cell: 228.209.5021
Fax: 1.800.473.0517

I have a client in CT, USA  seeking $100k  2nd mtg or line credit for 1 yr., against self owned gas station & convenience store valued at $700k.  all details and request your e-mail to send the same.  My e-mail:   archie@fc4you.com

Archie David
Managing Director & CEO
Finance Centre 4 You Inc., Ontario, Canada   www.fc4you.com


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