Hard Money Lending for Rehabs, Purchases and C/O Refi's in 37 States

We are a Direct Hard Money Lender offering competitive rates and terms for rehabs in Atlanta, Athens and Savannah, Georgia. We can also offer straight equity lending, up to 65% LTV for purchases, 50% LTV for C/O Refi's in 37 States. You can apply online!!!

Bruce Silverman

Atlanta Private Lending




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Good afternoon Bruce,

My wife Sandra and I are investors (rehab/flip) in the cocoa beach fl. area. We are currently looking @ bank owned properties. On average they are listing bettween 70K and 90K. The ARV's are generally 130K to 150K. respectivly. Could you please send me your terms and conditions with regards to these types of properties.. james.c.hill@iapws.com Thank you for your time.


We are currently not doing rehab loans outside of our geographic area. I can only do 65-70% of your purchase price. I would suggest finding a local lender for your rehab loans. 


Do you have any financing outside of the Atlanta region? 

Yes I do, but not rehabs. Outside of Atlanta we only do straight equity lending to 65% for purchases and 50% for C/O refis's. 

Do you lend in San Antonio, Tx.  Non owner s/f-- 65% arv. A. Gomez

Yes Andrew, on a purchase. A C/O refi would only be 50% LTV.

Hello Bruce,
I wish to purchase a turn key business that sells over 1 mil gross annually, the purchase includes all property, inventory, and customer base.. The owner is selling due to health reasons. The property value is 1.3 mil, the spelling price is 750k.. I need 500k to complete the sale. I am looking for a short term loan and can give a high ROI.
It is located in Casa Grande, AZ. please let me know what you think.
Thank you,
Tim McLean

Send me everything you have to bruce@atlantaprivatelending.com

NEED A LOAN FOR YOURSELF THEN CONTACT US AT Email: richgibloanservices@gmail.com
Name: Richard Gibson
Phone No.: (925) 331-0772

Bruce,  What about the zip codes 30310, 30314,30315,30338,  and 30318.  Will you lend in those zip codes?

Do you lend in San Antonio, Tx.    gomezandrew07@yahoo.com


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