Acquisition, Commercial, Bridge, Hard Money, Term Loans, Debt, Equity, Debt and Equity, J V Available within US & CANADA. LTV up to 85%. .

Commitments available within days and fast closing. No Exorbitant Upfront  Fees ! 

Real Estate Financing, Construction Financing,Raw Land Financing,Development Financing
Commercial RE Financing, Equity Capital Financing,Receivables Financing, Asset Based Loans
Business Loans, Working Capital Financing, Equipment Financing, Project Financing.

Note: we dont provide 100% financing.

LTV: Up to 85% and also subject to the type of real estate and serviceability.

Interest rate: starting at 6-9% and upwards.



Provide mortgage financing for Commercial / Industrial / Residential. We have large portfolio of private investors. We finance hotels, apt bldgs, resorts, golf courses, condominium complexes, construction, motels, plazas, developments, raw land, residential, farms, construction, refinance, 1st, 2nd, banquet halls,  retrofit, etc.

Industrial Commercial and Mortgages (ICI) Mortgages, Land Development Mortgages, Construction Mortgages, and Residential (Multiple Unit) Mortgages. Capable of financing up to 85% of project costs: Private, semi-private and conventional Mortgages are made available at competitive rates.


Purchase , Refinance, Debt Consolidation, Foreclosure Prevention, Equity Take Out, Construction, Builder Inventory, Rentals 1-4 (above 4 is commercial), Cottage, Investment Leveraging, etc.

Commercial Property:
Automotive (gas stations, car washes, etc.) / Hospitality / Industrial / Land / Leisure (golf courses, marinas, RV parks, etc.) / Medical / Mixed-use Properties / Office buildings & complexes / Office Condos / Owner occupied businesses / Parking lot sites / Rehabilitation of Facilities / Retail / Self Storage / Single-tenant buildings

Multifamily Property:
Apartments / Apartments Over Retail / Assisted Living / Boarding Houses / Corporate Apartments / High-rise Apartments / Historic Property / Lofts / Low-income / Senior Housing / Student Housing.

and all types of Construction Properties.

We will show you the way to success and look forward for your loan details with

Ex summary plan! Contact me: and also See some of our recent transactions at

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Anil, i have sent you an Ex summary plan. please review and advise us on your terms and conditions. if possible

issue us an LOI. thanks.

Hello Bob, kindly check your email and revert back. thnx

yes got it. will submit the required documents tomorrow. thank you.

sent all the documents except one which will be in your hand on coming Monday. Thank you.

Mr.Anil i have sent you our Commercial refinance summary plan. we are looking for 70% of the value and its to refinance. Our Property value is around $3.5 M, located in Toronto. Canada. please review and revert back. thank you.

George: yes we can, i need some more additional documents. i have sent attached files to your email.

kindly check and revert back. thanks.

Mr. Gopal, my last response was to Mr. Melywn, not for you. we do finance within US & Canada only.

Hi George, Need to Discuss Further will give you a call tomorrow. Thanks.

Sure will be waiting for your call. we can meet up if you want. Regards George

im a real estate broker having two clients looking for commercial loans and business acquisition in US. if you want i can send you Executive summary.

Mr.Anil i have sent you two separate emails regarding Business loan and acquisition Loan both from US. please revert back regards.

yes got it. will reply you once i review. may be tomorrow afternoon time. thanks


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