I have a client that has purchased 11 SFR in Illinois. He purchased them with cash. He needs to finance @250,000 to complete there rehab. Each property is worth $35,000. The properties are in Illinois. Are there any lenders that will finance a bulk purchase/refinance for this project. There are no tenants - each property is vacant and currently being rehabbed.

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How are you? Am a direct lender,  Contact us for your  funding application today if you are interested. Thanks.

Email#  mrs.slavengillian@gmail.com

Hi Kalonji,

My lender would finance up to 80% of the purchase price on each property.  Contact me at diane@capfinancegroup.com if interested.


We can offer a Private Capital Raise  with our Accredited Investors, and  

get you 100% of the funds you need with


NO down payment

NO personal liability or financials required

NO credit requirements


For full details  go to :     www,thelpmtrust.tk

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