Great Return on cash flowing Boutique Hotel in West Palm Beach FL.

Greetings, I need $300 K to freshen up a beautiful boutique hotel on Singer Island Fl. It has great cash flow presently. I am taking over as the owner is retiring. I have nearly 15 years as a hotel manager. Am willing to offer 15% paid monthly over a four year period. Please share your thoughts..... This is a very safe and fun investment opportunity! 

Gary Cross 404-907-6881 

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may be able to help


Gary, see this:


Loan guidelines:
LTV: Up to 70% 
Loan Minimum: 200k
Rates: 8.5%-16%
Loan Origination Fee: 4-6
Credit Minimum: There is no credit minimum. We look at the borrowers credit as part of doing our due diligence.
Minimum Liquidity: There is no minimum liquidity. We look at the borrowers personal financial as part of our due diligence.
Documentation Required: 
The documentation required depends on each deal. I have attached our loan request form. Initially if you could send that over along with a detailed description of the property (interior and exterior pictures). If other information of the property is available (rent roll, financials, P&L etc.) is extremely helpful.
Please advise.
Financier Lending Group
Phone #206.339.1834
Please feel to reach out if you have any other questions.

Hi Gary,

Can you send me a 1-2 page executive summary? Thanks!

Bruce A McClanahan

Shell Beach Capital



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