I am direct to a truly sound direct Lender that funds top quality projects in the USAand Canada with No Upfront fees at all and fast commitments.They are looking for top flight projects and they offer clients the best rates for Residential and Commercial private lending.LTV to 85% Interest Only 3-months to 5 year terms.They specialize in commercial loans in Canada and the USA.Typical loan sizes range from $250K to $100MM and are available in both US Currency and Canadian currencies.

Their clients are predominately owners and developers and my direct funder offers financing for Multifamily residential and commercial complexes,apartment buildings,condos,hotels,resorts,land developers,construction,JV projects,mixed-use,office,retirement,hospitality,self-storage,student housing,manufactured housing or retail developments,shopping centers and industrial properties.
They specialize in traditional and difficult to obtain financing for Land development to site plan,construction,high priced residential,they can provide quick closings.They have low rates,rates starting at 1.50-4.50% for Self employed residential and 80-85% LTV Residential and Residential private mortgages starting at 4.99-6.99% with 75% LTV and Constructions loans starting at 4.75%.
Commercial Private mortgages starting at 6.99% and 1st Mtg 70-75% LTV and Land private mortgages up to 65% LTV.
This direct lender has worked with land developers,large and small developers,construction and conversion projects,they can provide commitments in 72 hrs depending on the project.
If you are a direct Principal developer or builder or Sponsor and are needing funding for one of the above type properties,then contact me with your Executive Summary to begin.
IF You are an experienced developer or builder with sound projects needing immediate funding here in the USA or Canada,then contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com
Don C
Facilitator to Lender

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Enclosed file will give you essential details. Some necessary points:

1)Subject property is in escrow and I am currentlyy developing to get SFR permit. It will take 9-12 months to get the permit.

2) It is not a distress situation. I can close on my own but I am considering two other properties and wanted to conserve my resources.

3) I can share signed development plans, contracts with civil, structural engineers, soil, survey all done or in process,

4) no upfront fees

5) My first choice will be to sell RTI permit. Anybody who knows LA market will know the value.. 

6) Best way to reach me is" Puruamin@GMAIL.COM




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