I am looking to find someone who has actually received funding from Jerethan Funding Inc. They post in the blog section of Real Estate Finance and on Linkedin. The contact person that I have been is touch with is Justin Taillon, and I also see that there are many others in different areas, cities and states that post the same info for loans. 

I know nothing about them and have not found a business listing for them in Newport, RI.

I came to understand that they are a group of private lenders that do loans from bank accounts and credit unions to which they provide the account numbers and Routing numbers to conduct business. So far I have found that the accounts and names they have provided me are real accounts and the names match the account via the banks and credit unions, but I need to be sure. 

Please contact me at dbrexpressions@gmail.com. Need results immediately.

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I sent you an email with my experience and Justin is now trying to work on something else that will not require any more out of pocket funds from me. If he cannot deliver, he said he will refund my money next week. That was this morning at 7:30 am CST. He asked me to give him to the end of the day.

I'm hoping he will be able to deliver but I tend to be overly optimistic. 


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