I work with a GNMA HUD Mortgage Lender.  (Multifamily with 25+ Units and a loan of $5M+                   and up & Assisted Living with 25+ beds 5.75% on a 35 year fixed rate Acquisition / Refi.                         5.875% 40 year fixed rate New Construction.

As you can imagine I see a lot of deals that do not fit into our wheelhouse.  In those situations                we act as a Broker and use the relationships we have made in the last 35 years doing                              mortgages to get loans closed.  All we ask for on new loan requests is to please send me                       an email with a summary of the loan request written in the body of the email and attach                         any pertinent docs that you have ( such as appraisal, etc.).  Send this information to                              samcthomas45@gmail.com with your phone number.                         

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