GMA Factor offers Fast Hard Money Loans up to $4MM on 65% LTV

GMA Factor encourages those assisting investors in finding funding for real estate projects to consider Private Lenders over traditional bank loans. The financial specialists at GMA Factor know that while Hard Money Loans may include higher initial costs, the ease and flexibility in obtaining private capital while avoiding traditional bank’s rigid lending practices, extended closing timeframes and scrutinizing underwriting standards is priceless. Especially when “the deal” you or your client are excited about has a small window of opportunity to close. We at GMA Factor have an expert staff just waiting to fund your commercial real estate deal!!

We offer commercial, Residential PRIVATE LENDING!! Looking to close your deal FAST?? Funding from $100,000 to $4MM very quickly. All decisions made in house. 65% LTV and ARV up to 12 months. Bring us your plan and we will fund it! Visit our website at or call us for more information, 1-888-958-5544 or 347-897-9174. 

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