Instant Funder is a private money-lending source, providing turnkey financing solutions for single, multi-family, new construction, land development and commercial investment properties. Instant Funder is the premier source for loans to purchase and rehabilitate income properties.


Our typical borrowers are real estate investors who wish to purchase distressed, properties and either hold them long-term as rentals or flip them for a quick profit.  Instant Funder can even assist borrowers wishing to finance the purchase of REO’s or short sale properties, both individually and in bulk.


Instant Funder’s lending capital comes from a small group of individual investors.  We work closely with licensed brokers to handle the transactions and service our loans.  We understand the unique needs of developers, contractors and investors, and have developed the flexibility and creativity necessary to suit these borrowers’ special needs.


Instant Funder Private Lender, a direct lender, also offers a Lending Program, the “Instant Funder, National Construction Lending Alliance” to select, well-qualified, experienced rehab contractors and investors.  The purpose of this program is to help revitalize neighborhoods and communities.  Qualified contractor/rehabbers have the opportunity to rebuild or expand their business by joining up with Instant Funder in a unique program (Instant Funder, National Construction Lending Alliance) that allows participation with minimal cash input.

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Happy New Year Wendall - if you are in the greater Miami Area - let's set up a coffee - it is always best to meet face to face if possible, especially while I am out here (until Saturday late afternoon).  We are definitely funding deals in Florida (and most markets across the US) so let's explore ways that we might work together.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Best, Barry

Barry,  thank you for visiting our great State of Florida since I am a native of
South Florida hope the weather is treating you alright since it is 83 here is Palm Beach Florida. 

When you return back to your office 1/3 send me your under writing  guidelines and see if can do some business in 2014

Wendall  ( 

If we can't meet face to face - let's talk by phone.  Happy New Year, Barry

Hi Barry

We are investors in Central Florida, We are interested in Purchasing Multi Families to hold. We also buy SFR to rehab and flip. Please send me your critiria for funding.

Thanks Nick

Happy New Year Nicholas, It would be best to touch base this coming week.  Send me your contact information by direct email and we can set up a conference call, so we can discuss your business plans for 2014 and also explore creative ways that Instant Funder can possibly assist you in reaching your goals.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Best, Barry

I am an investor that is seeking funding for a SFR to pay off the original seller.  I am requesting $50,000.00.  This SFR has been completely renovated and rehabbed.  I do have a contract pending for the full sales price of $95,000.00.  The original seller has been carrying the note and had said that he would carry the note until the ultimate purchaser was found, but he has changed his mind.  So, I would like to be able to secure $50,000.00 as quickly as possible, with the SFR being the loan collateral.

You may contact me at  All documents are currently at the title company being examined and all issues are being resolved.  I may also be reached at 682-472-7362.  

Joan Whitley

Happy New Year Joan.  I would suggest contacting me this week, so I can learn more about you, your level of experience and your plans for the future.  At the same time, I can go over InstantFunder's Gap/Rehab Loan Program and we can see if we are a good fit for each other.  We are located on the West Coast and in the office from 9 AM Pacific.  Send me an email with a few good times we can talk.  Right now my calendar for Monday 1/6 is pretty full, but we can still try to set something up.  I look forward to hearing from you.                                   Best, Barry

I would like more information about this program.


Hi James, Happy New Year.  I would be more than happy to discuss Instant Funder's very popular Gap/Rehab Loan Program.  We are helping many people reach financial goals that they never thought possible - let's see if we can do the same for you.  Send me your contact information and we can set up a conference call sometime this week.  Best, Barry

Name: Richard Gibson
Phone No.: (925) 331-0772

Hi Joe, Happy New Year.  We always like to have an initial consultation with new Borrowers and discuss their needs and explain how our unique program can help you reach and exceed your business and financial goals.  When you have a moment, contact me and we can set up a call.  I look forward to hearing from you.              Best, Barry

I need funding for all my properties, We a group of real estate investors that seek fixer uppers, REO's distressed properties, all in good growing areas, We also do a lot of fix & flips. We need to partner up with a good private lender who can help in a great way to help fund most of our deals.

Noel Vega


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