Instant Funder is a private money-lending source, providing turnkey financing solutions for single, multi-family, new construction, land development and commercial investment properties. Instant Funder is the premier source for loans to purchase and rehabilitate income properties.


Our typical borrowers are real estate investors who wish to purchase distressed, properties and either hold them long-term as rentals or flip them for a quick profit.  Instant Funder can even assist borrowers wishing to finance the purchase of REO’s or short sale properties, both individually and in bulk.


Instant Funder’s lending capital comes from a small group of individual investors.  We work closely with licensed brokers to handle the transactions and service our loans.  We understand the unique needs of developers, contractors and investors, and have developed the flexibility and creativity necessary to suit these borrowers’ special needs.


Instant Funder Private Lender, a direct lender, also offers a Lending Program, the “Instant Funder, National Construction Lending Alliance” to select, well-qualified, experienced rehab contractors and investors.  The purpose of this program is to help revitalize neighborhoods and communities.  Qualified contractor/rehabbers have the opportunity to rebuild or expand their business by joining up with Instant Funder in a unique program (Instant Funder, National Construction Lending Alliance) that allows participation with minimal cash input.

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Barry ... Is Instant Funder interested in making outstanding profits in opportunistic commercial financing scenarios? Or are you more of a humanitarian organization in neighborhood rehab? I have something interesting for you in terms of profitability --- if you do in fact have discretionary cash investors. Please let me know.

Hi, Of course we are always interested in making outstanding profits and we are doing that for us, our investors and our borrowers (big time) right now.  If you have specific proposals on commercial deals, I am all ears.  We are funding single and multi family projects as well as commercial deals, so either call me at my office of email me a request.  We never say never and we always look at every deal as unique. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Barry   877 947-7766

I am looking for $400K for a term of 6 months or less to secure bulk reo packages in GA, FL.  I have cash buyers for multiple transactions in GA, Fl, AZ, and CA.  I will be securing and selling packages to cash buyes one at a time.

Please advise how you can assist.

Flo Crosby

Hi Flow, We can definitely help!  Give me a call on my office line when you get a chance, so that we can make sure we are a good fit for each other and at the same time, I can explain how we structure our Gap/Rehab loans.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Best, Barry   877 947-7766 (PST)

Thank you for your inquiry Bufete, unfortunately we are only funding projects in the United States right now, so we will not be able to assist you.  If your business plans change and you begin working in the US, don't hesitate to contact us.  Best, Barry

Do you guys do loans for investors in Portland, Oregon?

Yes, we like Portland, Eugene, etc. Oregon and are open to any proposal you might have for us.  When you have a chance, respond to this "reply," call me or email me so we can speak about our Gap/Rehab loan program.  We are helping investors scale their businesses through creative financing solutions in markets across the US.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Best, Barry 877 947-7766

My low offer for a house valued at $135,000 ($160,000 when fixed up) got accepted by the bank and they went down $7,000 on their counteroffer when I got an inspection and we informed them of the issues.  Yeah!
I am in need of immediate!!! funds in the amount of $20,000 to make this happen.  I have a lender for the majority of the offer (would consider your financing, too), but cannot finalize the contract with the bank without putting 10 percent down.  The additional funds will be fix up and closing costs.   Please email me at if you know a lender that can lend this amount immediately.  Thanks, Dee Dee

Hi DeeDee - You sound very excited about your project, congratulations.  I think it is important for me to understand exactly what your plans are and the level of your experience as well as explore whether we are a good fit for each other.  I would suggest that you call my office on Monday, when you have a chance so we can talk in depth about your needs.  Have a great weekend.  Best, Barry 877 947-7766 (PST)

Ok, Barry, I will call you on Monday.  I am Eastern time.  So you are 3 hours different from me.

Will be in touch.  Thanks for the quick reply.  Sincerely, Dee Dee

Great, I look forward to speaking with you on Monday - best after 1:30 (your time) because of conference calls earlier.  Have a great weekend.  Best, Barry


I'm sure you've heard it all. Flipper/Rehabber looking for fund..yada, yada, yada,... I'm in North Carolina, and when you can, can you email me or call me about your program? Thank you.

Hollis Gaynor 


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