Instant Funder is a private money-lending source, providing turnkey financing solutions for single, multi-family, new construction, land development and commercial investment properties. Instant Funder is the premier source for loans to purchase and rehabilitate income properties.


Our typical borrowers are real estate investors who wish to purchase distressed, properties and either hold them long-term as rentals or flip them for a quick profit.  Instant Funder can even assist borrowers wishing to finance the purchase of REO’s or short sale properties, both individually and in bulk.


Instant Funder’s lending capital comes from a small group of individual investors.  We work closely with licensed brokers to handle the transactions and service our loans.  We understand the unique needs of developers, contractors and investors, and have developed the flexibility and creativity necessary to suit these borrowers’ special needs.


Instant Funder Private Lender, a direct lender, also offers a Lending Program, the “Instant Funder, National Construction Lending Alliance” to select, well-qualified, experienced rehab contractors and investors.  The purpose of this program is to help revitalize neighborhoods and communities.  Qualified contractor/rehabbers have the opportunity to rebuild or expand their business by joining up with Instant Funder in a unique program (Instant Funder, National Construction Lending Alliance) that allows participation with minimal cash input.

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I'm a commercial RE investor that buys MF units to rehab, get rent ready and stabilize. I have exclusive inventory to cherry pick our product from at great discounts and pennies on the dollar. I'm looking for private lender to help maximize these opportunities with great return... Please send your funding criteria to:



Hi Sam, Thanks for your inquiry.  I much prefer telephone to email to discuss our Gap/Rehab Loan Program.  It is important that we see if we are a good fit for each other and I prefer telephone to email for that.  After we speak, I am more than happy to send any and all supporting materials.  When you have a moment, please give me a call on my office line, we are on the West Coast?  I will email you my number. I look forward to speaking with you.  Best, Barry

can you fund new construction?

Yes Peter, we are funding new construction.  We are finding a great number of opportunities in new construction now.  I would need to know more details and discuss our criteria.  Also, if you have a moment, check out my Blog Post on the "Funding Blog" page, on this site posted May 15th - let me know what you think?  Best, Barry


Retaja Group is a Hard Money Broker in CA.  We have a need for a competitive lending source that can work not only in California, but Arizona and Nevada as well.

Can you help?

John Occhi

Yes, we lend in California, Arizona, Nevada and many other markets across the U.S.  Let me know how I can help?  Barry 

can you fund apartments in ohio? Say 50 to 300 units? 


Yes Dale, we are funding apartment projects if the deal is a good fit for our Program. Please let me know a few times and a phone number, so we can discuss your plans. Best, Barry

Please forward your parameters or lending requirement.


We have direct access to off market REO’S 1 off’s and bulk

residential and commercial. From (7) of the top banks in the USA

Wells Fargo,Bank of America,Chase and Sovereign we are part of a

national association that has partnered with these banks to move

bank product.

Mister Tee (267)595-5855

Solly Company-over 35 yrs in Philadelphia area real estate. I

specialize in FSBO's, REO's, Preforclosures, Rehabs & small

Multi-families. Am expanding business & looking for a private

funding source. I have an 800 credit score & money to invest-have

funded my deals myself over the years!

We have some deals ready to go.

I have a list of successful borrowers - please alert me to any excellent deals for Fix and Flip?  We are funding deals in good markets all across the US.  Single and Multi Family, New Construction and Commercial!

Hello Barry

I purchase SFR NPN's at 20% of CMV.  Do you offer 100% purchase loans for notes based off of CMV.

Arthur Christian

Hi Arthur, We are not lending on Note purchases, but if you are like a few of our borrowers, that is, turning the notes into Fix and Flips, we will be able to help you out on multiple projects.  Let me know if you are working on other Note strategies? Best, Barry


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