Gap Funding serves many purposes. Do you need rehab money? Do you need to pay processing, due diligence or appraisal fees?

Do you need to pay closing costs? Do you need money for a down payment on an investment property? These are just some reasons. You have yours. Whatever the reason, we can get you funding in 5 days. Yes, you read that right: we can get you funding in 5 days! That is "cash in your hand" to do with whatever you need for.

How many projects don't get funded because the "little things" can't happen at or before closing? How many closings don't happen because clients' don't have the "gap funding" necessary to close? It is amazing to me how many deals get missed out on because the client didn't have extra money. I have talked to many principals on the phone and they have sunk most of their capital into the major project only to realize that they have no reserves or back up money to last them a little longer or close the deal (pay due diligence fees, etc.).

We do this in ALL 50 states. If you are interested in getting $50K - $200K "in hand",  please read the attachment and at the bottom, it will give you specific instructions on what you must do to get started.

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Hello Arnold.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this program.

Thank you

John Galloway


I am not really good about this but those question really seek me an answer ,i been a real estate agent at for a long time but i never seen or read some discussion like and and it is truly interesting and i am lucky that i read it.


Here is additional information on the program. Should you have questions please contact me.

Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services

Phone: 510-575-1709

Fax: 1-855-203-6081



Attached is information to proceed forward with you $250k loan request.


Arnold Walker



Yes it is.


I need $ 200,000 for down payment as soon as possible. Please send me information how to start the process at winus


I been fliping property for 15 years with 27 years in the reo rehab business for bank own homes . can you email me your requirement for funding

Thanks You

Kent Williams

Can u please email me full info on your gap funding for Fix and Flips in CA? my email is

Hi Arnold, could you please send my additional info regarding gap funding. Thanks!

- Shiloh

I have a cash flow business that needs your cap help in down payment loan for a flag hotel requested price is 1.5 million. need your contact on how much down payment you can offer.



Harold Johnson

Mr. Walker:

I recently formed a Company (llc) to specialize in the acquisition. rehabilitation and management of distressed multi-family properties so as to provide "affordable" housing for the disabled, elderly, homeless and displaced veterans. At this time our only financing options are hard money or private money sources, however, even the hard money lenders require "some skin in the game" of approximately 20% down payment or some form of "gap" funding. Therefore, I am quite interested in your lending criteria for “rehabbing” both SFR or multi-family properties as well as the states in which you fund in.

I have approximately 30 yrs of (P/T) experience investing primarily in SFR properties, while my partner has over 40 yrs of General Contracting experience, thus making the “rehabbing” of distressed multi-family properties a logical investment strategy by which we can provide both much needed affordable housing while quickly establishing a solid equity base for possible cross-collateralization.

 Thank you for your assistance,

 William Wynn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          941-235-2349

I'm looking for partner Investors to help complete a funding transaction of $100, Million with to funding companies oversea if you would like to join let me know because I'm fed up with all these scammers out here ripping me off email me direct only if you want to join in and get accessing to funding as well. NO BS GAMES


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