Gap Funding serves many purposes. Do you need rehab money? Do you need to pay processing, due diligence or appraisal fees?

Do you need to pay closing costs? Do you need money for a down payment on an investment property? These are just some reasons. You have yours. Whatever the reason, we can get you funding in 5 days. Yes, you read that right: we can get you funding in 5 days! That is "cash in your hand" to do with whatever you need for.

How many projects don't get funded because the "little things" can't happen at or before closing? How many closings don't happen because clients' don't have the "gap funding" necessary to close? It is amazing to me how many deals get missed out on because the client didn't have extra money. I have talked to many principals on the phone and they have sunk most of their capital into the major project only to realize that they have no reserves or back up money to last them a little longer or close the deal (pay due diligence fees, etc.).

We do this in ALL 50 states. If you are interested in getting $50K - $200K "in hand",  please read the attachment and at the bottom, it will give you specific instructions on what you must do to get started.

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I would like to know how your plan works, I have a property that I'm working on that will need Gap Funding.

The price of the property with purchase price, closing cost, ARV, will be $2,225,000 and the after repair value will be $5.5MM

Please contact me as soon as possible, time is of the essence:

Chuck Hernandez

Hernandez Hideaway Inc


please send information concerning gap funding very interested :

        Regards Mike J.

Hello I would like to know more about thisw gap funding and what is needed t get this done I have a great project please email me direct soon at thank you Don Davis


Can you please send me more details on this program?

Sean RichwayCFRE Properties, LLC

Hi, can you please send me the criteria for your lending?


Please email me with detailed information, I am very interested about this program.

Thank you,



★Commercial Real Estate Funding★ ★NO HASSLE FUNDING★
★Flexible Terms★:


MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP and our affiliates are able to facilitate NO HASSLE FUNDING for BUSINESS OWNERS!

Perfect for Investors looking to Refinance existing real estate assest you currently own to obtain funding for other projects you are working on.

We process, underwrite, close and service all loans in house.Same day approvals and closing within 20 business Days!! Call or email us today for an application.

Not known to many business owners and commercial real estate investors is the availability of Private Capital for business purposes in the form of Collateral based loans. Business and real estate owners can get  a loan for as little as $5,000.  We can lend up to $10,000,000 strictly based on the asset or collateral value of commercial real estate. We use methods to determine funding amounts such as credit card sales, accounts recievable, inventory and yes, even purchase orders, regardless of credit scores, income or financial stability.
Contact us today if you are currently looking to refinance one of the following:

Shopping Plaza, 
Strip Mall 
Convenience store (7-11); 
Department Store (apparel, 
Grocery, Supermarket; 
Light Industrial (10% 
Medical Bldg; 
Mobile Home Park, 
Office Bldg (General); 
Retail Stores ( Personal Services, Photography, Travel); 
Warehouse (Industrial),
Gas Station 
Auto Dealership, 
Medical/Dental Bldg., 
Mixed Use  

Occupancy: 85%+

1st Mtg Amount >= 750000
Interest Rate >= 5+

Contacts us Today!

please send info on how to get started thanks

I'd like to get more info about your funding and your qualifications for rehab loans.

Tim Pugh

Please send me info to


I am interested in Gap funding please send me more information at

Thank you.


tel 714 846 1301

In need of a gap lender for closing costs of  $4,200 for a fix n flip I'm doing in Georgia with potential profit margin of 75,000.



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